07 June, 2020 - Sunday

Minister SARIEROĞLU Attended the 107th International Labour Conference of the ILO

Sarıeroğlu addressed the General Assembly of the 107th International Labour Conference.

Minister Sarıeroğlu started her speech by thanking the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for his comprehensive report “The women at work initiative: The push for equality”. She said “As mentioned in the report, the world is far from reaching the very objective of equality at work. Despite global legislative achievements and policies favouring positive discrimination and some progress in terms of equality of women at work in the last 15 years, the progress still remains to be quite limited. That is why there is a growing need to support tested policy tools and integrate them into relevant pieces of legislation.”

Minister Sarıeroğlu continued her speech by stating “In Turkey, we developed a multifaceted policy that both protects and prioritize women, youth and people with disabilities in working life. Within this framework, we realized an increase of approximately 9 million people in the labour force during the last decade.  As a result of this increase in employment figures, we reached the most successful position among OECD and EU countries.  By making more effective use of our resources, we took many outstanding initiatives in order to integrate more women into labour market and to maintain them within, such as childbirth allowance; tax reduction and premium support; employment incentives varying from 12 to 54 months. Our country is ready to share best practices with other countries.

Informing delegates about the “National Mobilisation in Employment” campaign, Minister Sarıeroğlu stated “The National Mobilisation in Employment campaign which we initiated in 2017 entered its second phase this year. In 2017, we created 1.5 million additional jobs. We are extremely proud that this is a success story in parallel with Turkey’s 2017 growth rate being 7.4%. We are also pleased to see that our growth is employment-friendly and includes all segments of the society.”

Minister Sarıeroğlu also touched upon the incentives and other services provided in Turkey to increase women’s participation in labour market and their involvement in social life. She said “Within this framework, for a period of 18 months the state will be subsidising the insurance premiums and taxes of each and every woman employed until 2020. We give support for child care and for a period of 6 months, we extend a stipend support and subsidise universal health insurance and the occupational accidents and diseases insurance premiums to all women attending our on-the-job training programmes and vocational training courses in industrial occupations.”

Referring to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Minister Sarıeroğlu stated “As you all know, we have faced the largest influx of refugees since WWII. Demographic change, challenged quite harshly by the recent crisis in Syria is one of the most important themes within the discussions on the “Future of Work”. This crisis continues to impact our labour markets.  Nevertheless, our historical responsibility, our neighbourhood relations and our humanitarian take on this issue prompted us to have an “open door” policy towards Syrians under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN. As a result of this policy, we still extend humanitarian aid and support to approximately 4 million people in various fields. To date, we spent more than 30 billion USD to help and assist those under temporary protection. We take pride in being the most generous country on the world as for the humanitarian aid we provided particularly to the refugees in our country as well as to others all around the world. However, we expect to see international community and notably our European friends to do more for the sake of humanity in terms of responsibility and burden-sharing.”

Minister Sarıeroğlu concluded her speech by mentioning the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine. She said “There is a humanitarian tragedy out there in Palestine. Turkey believes that it is high time we said no to such humanitarian tragedies on international platforms, took constructive and concrete steps and brought on international solutions. Despite the UN Resolution calling on all States to refrain from the establishment of diplomatic missions in Jerusalem, some countries are still moving their embassies to Jerusalem. This attitude does not coincide with the desired attitude I previously explained. Existence of this problem for more than half a century does serious harm to the concept of justice. Decisions of these countries are null and void to us. There is an obvious need for peace and the international community must be persistent to achieve it.”

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