07 June, 2020 - Sunday

Minister of Labour and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu stated that the amount provided to more than three million asylum-seekers reached to 25 billion dollars and said “Geographical proximity should not hold any bordering countries directly responsible and burden-bearer alone of this tragic event. It is high time that international solutions were developed on international stages”.

Müezzinoğlu addressed the plenary sitting at the 106th International Labor Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Minister Müezzinoğlu started his speech by thanking Director-General of the ILO for the report entitled ‘Work in a Changing Climate: The Green Initiative’ and emphasized that climate change is one of the most significant problems of today and it is evaluated as an important risk that can create severe effects on the social and economic life as well as the natural life.

Stating that Turkey is active in many international organizations and provides all kinds of contribution to the issues that concern the world and its region, Minister Müezzinoğlu announced that Turkey is ready to do its full share of work for fighting against climate change.

Minister Müezzinoğlu drew attention to conflicts that have been going on for years in the occupied Arab territories and said urgent solution to the conflicts and transition to the peace process will have positive impacts on working life. He continued, “This problem, which has been going on for more than half a century, deeply undermines the concept of justice. The need for peace is obvious and international community should be persistent on peace calls”.

“We are in an Effective Dialogue with All Our Stakeholders”

Minister Müezzinoğlu emphasized that the "National Mobilization in Working Life" campaign was launched aiming at overcoming the shrinkage caused in employment by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETO) treacherous coup attempt and gave the following information:

“This campaign has produced good results and we have provided around 1,2 million additional jobs from the beginning of this year. By the end of the year, we aim to increase this figure to 2 million, of which 1,5 million will be in employment and 500.000 will be on-the-job training programmes; and we also aim to reduce unemployment to single digits”.

Minister Müezzinoğlu expressed that in the process of the policy and strategy determination, the mechanism of social dialogue whose history dates back a long way in Turkey is effectively put in place. He continued, “We engage in an effective dialogue with all of our partners and all stakeholders to ensure the labour peace and welfare in our country. With the “Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life" project, which is initiated on August 1, 2016 and jointly conducted by our Ministry and the ILO, we are carrying out many activities to promote freedom of association, collective bargaining and social dialogue at all levels. Within this scope, we, as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, organized a two-session conference with ILO Office in Ankara on May 12th, 2017. We had the opportunity to share views, suggestions and expectations about the future of working life with all the relevant social partners and representatives of the business world, especially by devoting the second session of the Conference to the ILO's Future of Work Initiative”.

"The Unionization Rate of All Employees Reached 21.8 Percent"

Emphasizing that the reforms made by the government in the last years and their consequences are the clearest indication attached to importance to the freedom of organization and social dialogue, Minister Müezzinoğlu said: “The number of unionized workers increased by 50% compared to July 2013, reaching 1 million 547 thousand. There is a more remarkable increase in the unionization rates of public employees. In the last 10 years, unionization rate among public employees has increased from 49.7% (2006) to 71.64% as of July 2016. The unionization rate of all employees has reached 21.8%. Compared with the world trends, it is clear that there is a very important development in Turkey in terms of social dialogue and organized society.”

“Humanitarian Tragedy would be Remedied if International Community Shares this Burden”

Besides digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution, Minister Müezzinoğlu drew attention to another factor that affects and transforms our employment markets which is the people who had to leave their home country on various grounds and pointed that Syrian crisis which broke out in March 2011, evolving later into a civil war, has already reached its 6th year.

Emphasizing the fact that we are faced with the phenomenon of the biggest displacement crisis ever witnessed since the Second World War, Minister Müezzinoğlu continued his speech, “Turkey has always been conducting an “open door” policy, continues to support over three million asylum-seekers which it has received with open arms, in many fields including especially humanitarian relief aids. The financial total sum that we have spent on aids that we have provided for asylum-seekers up to now, amounts to 25 billion dollars. I would like to point out very clearly that if international community shared this burden and responsibility thoroughly on all aspects, this humanitarian tragedy which we face, would be remedied to some extent. Geographical proximity should not hold any bordering countries directly responsible and burden-bearer alone of this tragic event. It is high time that international solutions were developed on international stages”.

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