07 June, 2020 - Sunday

The 10th European Regional Meeting of the International Labour Organization (ILO) was hosted by Turkey between 2-5 October, 2017. In the last plenary session of the four-day meeting, “The Istanbul Initiative for the Centenary: Future for Decent Work for strong and responsible social partnership in Europe and Central Asia” was accepted.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Minister Sarıeroğlu expressed that the consultations made during the plenary sittings and the special plenary debates were very valuable.

Minister Sarıeroğlu said that Turkey is one of the countries that has been least affected by the 2008 financial crisis and claimed that it was a right decision to hold this meeting in Turkey. Sarıeroğlu also emphasized the importance of issues discussed during the meeting which begun to form the agenda items of all international platforms, such as decent work for all, organization of work and production, governance of work, work and society, and said that the negotiations on these issues were useful.

At the end of the meeting, Sarıeroğlu thanked the participants who attended and those who contributed to the meeting.

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